Air purifier HL-OP-10


Purifier for home and office rooms up to 30 m2.

Extremely effective thanks to the OxyFrisch+ air filtration technology and the use of the HEPA13 filter.

Full description of product

5-stage filtration system:

HEPA filter

Silent running

240 m3/h

Filtration efficiency: 99.98%


UV-C lamp

Usage area

OxyFrisch technology a unique 5 - stage air filtration system which ensures purification efficiency of 99.99%. Components:

Internal - (replaceable) 3-layer filter
Prefilter - pre-filtering of air to remove dust, allergens, hair and fur from the air.
Activated carbon filter - eliminates formaldehyde, benzene, harmful airborne gases and bad odours.
HEPA13 filter – main air filter which removes remaining dust, pollens, allergens, fungi spores and smoke.
UV lamp – biological treatment of air by killing viruses, bacteria and microbes.
Ioniser – produces negative ions that reduce effects of positive ions from electronic devices such as TV sets or personal computers. It improves the air, lending it a quality of the sea breeze or of air after a rainstorm.

  • Filter replacement indicator – a blue LED light on the control panel indicates that the internal filter must be replaced with a new filter for the device to function properly.
  • 3 speed levels – regulating the air fan operation
  • Timer: 2, 4, 8 h – the purifier can be programmed to work for two, four or eight hours, after which it will turn off on its own
  • CADR: 240 m3/h
  • Usage area: 30m2
  • Quiet operation – noise level depends on speed level – 30 dB(L), 40 dB(M), 50 dB(H)
  • Output power 50 W