Air purifier HL-OP-15

Purifier for home and office rooms with an area of up to 40 m2.

Extremely effective, thanks to the OxyFrisch + air filtration technology, the use of HEPA13 filter and photocatalytic filter.

Full description of product

OxyFrisch + technology - a unique 6-stage air filtration system that ensures the efficiency of air purification reaches 99.98%. Components:

Prefilter- pre-filtering of air to remove dust, allergens and hair from the air

HEPA 13 filter- main filtering of air to remove remaining dust, pollens, allergens, mould spores and smoke

Activated carbon filter- filtering of formaldehyde, benzene, harmful airborne gases and all bad odours

Photocatalytic filter with titanium dioxide (TiO₂)- photocatalysis decomposes various organic contaminants, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and eliminates unpleasant odours

UV-C lamps- biological treatment of air by killing viruses, bacteria and microbes

Ionizer- generation of negative ions to regulate the ionic balance of indoor air and improve your well-being by generating the air present at natural locations, e.g. in a forest or at the seaside

CADR: 410 m3/h

Air quality indicator: 4-colour display

5 indicator

Carbon and HEPA filter replacement indicator

AUTO function: the air purifier will automatically adjust the air filtering speed to the detected air quality.

SILENT function: reduces the air fan speed

Dark sensor – dim illumination and LED lighting turned off in the room

4 speed levels

Timer: 1, 4, 8 h

Noise level: 20 dB (1), 28 dB (2), 42 dB (3), 55 dB (4)

Output power: 55 W

Recommended usage area: up to 40 m2