Air purifier HL-OP-20


An air purifier designed for residential or office space of up to 50 m2..

Highly efficient thanks to the OxyFrisch air filtration technology and the HEPA13 filter. Remote control.

Full description of product

5-stage filtration system:

HEPA filter

Silent running

481 m3/h

Filtration efficiency: 99.98%


UV-C lamp

Usage area

OxyFrisch technology a unique 5 - stage air filtration system which ensures purification efficiency of 99.99%. Components:

Internal - (replaceable) 3-layer filter
Prefilter - pre-filtering of air to remove dust, allergens, hair and fur from the air.
Activated carbon filter - eliminates formaldehyde, benzene, harmful airborne gases and bad odours.
HEPA13 filter – main air filter which removes remaining dust, pollens, allergens, fungi spores and smoke.
UV-C lamp – biological treatment of air by killing viruses, bacteria and microbes.
Ioniser – produces negative ions that reduce effects of positive ions from electronic devices such as TV sets or personal computers. It improves the air, lending it a quality of the sea breeze or of air after a rainstorm.

Remote control

Clear function display

AUTO - the air purifier will automatically adjust the air filtration speed to the detected air quality

SLEEP - reduces the air fan speed and turns off all LEDs and ambience lamps for unobtrusive nighttime use.

Button lock - locks all control buttons to prevent inadvertent change of settings or powering off the air purifier

Carbon and HEPA 13 filter replacement indicator

Air quality indicator - depending on the air quality, the device glows in an appropriate colour: from red, which indicates air of very poor quality, to blue which shows that the air has been purified to the maximum.

4 speed levels - regulating the air fan operation

Timer 2, 4, 8h - the purifier can be programmed to work for two, four or eight hours, after which it will turn off on its own.

CADR 481 m3/h

Quiet operation - noise level depends on speed level – 29 dB(L), 45 dB(M), 57 dB(H), 62 dB (Turbo)

Output power 70 W