Air Dehumidifier HL-OS-20

Haus & Luft dehumidifier HL-OS-20 is a professional device that will provide healthy and optimally dry air in your apartment. Recommended to rooms of approx. 30 m2.

Full description of product

Air dehumidification with RH (Relative Humidity) range of 35-80% in 5% increments

Quiet and efficient fan 180 m3/h

Digital current relative humidity level indicator

Colourful screen showing the current relative humidity level can be turned off

Preliminary air filter

Carbon air filter

Four casters for convenient handling

Large condensed water container – 4l

1.5 m drain hose is attached

High dehumidifying capacity – 20 l/day

The refrigerant does not contain hydrogen fluorides (low GWP)

SMART function – automatic control at the level of 55% RH

LOW function – lower airflow speed for quieter work with adjustable RH level

HIGH function – higher airflow speed for maximum efficiency with adjustable RH level

FAN function (airflow without dehumidification)

TIMER function delayed start and stop, set in a 24h range in 1-hour increments

DEFROST function automatic defrosting of the evaporator for quicker dehumidification

Water container level indicator

Adjustable airflow angle louver with constant oscillation

UV bactericidal lamp

Convenient carrying handle

Protection against starting with an incorrectly installed water container

Power supply: 220-240V 50Hz

Power: 270W