Clean air is a treasure.

We support nature by caring for its purity and its soothing effect on mankind. We value water and air, knowing they are of utmost importance to us. With the newest technologies, we can turn your surroundings into a safe and friendly environment.

Air quality is important


OxyFrisch – a unique 5-stage air filtration system Thanks to the filter combination which includes the HEPA13 filter, purification efficiency reaches 99.99%. Other components of the internal filtration system separate particulates from the air and retain them at the filter surface. The OxyFrisch system eliminates pollution, allergens, gases and bad odours at the level of microparticles. This purification process is complemented by UV light emitted from the UV-C lamp, which eliminates the bacteria and viruses present in the air. The ioniser, which is responsible for producing oxygen anions is responsible for creating the effect of fresh air and making breathing easier.

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